Chain belt conveyors

The HORSTMANN chain belt conveyor type PK-112 is a conveyor with a feed and an inclined section in one. This conveyor is almost always used as a press feed belt.

The conveyor is also suitable as a feed bunker (for dry recyclable material) and as a discharge belt behind the recyclable material boxes. HORSTMANN has already produced this conveyor more than 500 times successfully and to the satisfaction of its customers.

This conveyor is particularly characterized by great reliability and a long service life. The chain belt conveyor is always designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. The very stable frame is made of steel profiles with screwed-in cross profiles. The conveyor can be quickly lengthened / shortened thanks to the screwable frame segments. Cross members are screwed onto the two circulating chain strands, on which the belt with the carriers is screwed. The easily removable, screwed cover panels (side and bottom) enable quick maintenance.


Technical specifications

Usable width 820 1020 1220 1420 1620 1820
Belt width 900 1100 1300 1500 1700 1900
Total width of the scaffolding 1264 1464 1664 1864 2064 2264


Drive sprocket 405 mm diameter
Deflection sprocket 405 mm diameter
Conveyor chain Vollbolzen Förderkette M112, P=125, DIN 8167
belt 400/3, 4: 2mm top layer (optional 500/4, 5: 2mm top layer)
Distance trusses 250 mm
Distance driver 500/750/1000 mm, as required
Driver height 40/60/80/100 mm, as required
drive Slip-on geared motor
Drive power as required
speed max. 0,32 m/s
Sidebar heights 300 / 400 / 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200mm, as required



  • monitoring
  • Emergency stop rope switch
  • Discharge and dirt funnel
  • Pit cover
  • Manual or electric chain lubrication
  • Support structure
  • Starting wall / baffle wall