Dosing Devices (Feed Hopper)

HORSTMANN feed bunker as scraper chain conveyors, are used for picking up, buffering and dosed feeding of green waste, biowaste, organic production residues, etc. Regulary, a decompactor is installed downstream, which loosens the material when it is conveyed away.

The bunker is usually loaded with a wheel loader. The bunker volume is realized according to customer requirements. HORSTMANN has different bunker widths and lengths in its range. The stable frame is made of folded sheet metal profiles with welded cross profiles. Scraper bars or also called drivers are screwed onto the two circulating chain strands, which transport the goods on.


TheHORSTMANN Dekompactor consists of one or two to three superimposed rotating rollers equipped with ripping knives in a pendulum-mounted housing. Each roller has a separate drive that is driven by a chain drive.

The conveyed goods are more or less evenly placed on the scraper chain conveyor and then fed or pressed against the two rotating rollers in the area of the drive deflection of the scraper chain conveyor. The back pressure then occurring in front of the rollers deflects the housing in the conveying direction, depending on the feed and material. The deflection movement is registered by the sensors on the handlebar, which in turn regulate the feed speed of the scraper chain conveyor via the PLC control.

The rollers tear portions of the conveyed material up and down. The material to be conveyed is thrown against the baffle walls in the conveying direction and then falls onto a discharge belt below. This creates a mixing and dosing effect that loosens the conveyed material at the same time.

Technical specifications


Usable width 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
Scaffold width 1170 1370 1570 1770 1970
Total height of the scaffolding 400 400 400 400 400



Drive sprocket 322mm diameter
Deflection sprocket 322mm diameter
Conveyor chain Round steel chain 22x86mm with scraper (driver)
Distance scratching stones 688mm
length up to 14m, as required
Removal sliding
drive Slip-on geared motor
Drive power as required


  • monitoring
  • Maintenance door
  • Feed hopper / hopper
  • Starting wall / baffle wall
  • Support structure
  • Engine cover