Hard Material Separator

The HORSTMANN hard material separator essentially separates impurities such as metals and stones from the input fraction. These differ in their high specific weight compared to the residual material fraction (e.g. 60 mm).

The separated waste is divided into an impurity fraction (hard material) and a cleaned fine-grain fraction. The fraction to be treated is fed to the hard material separator via a feed belt in the area of a material transfer. In the feed hopper there is a guide plate over which the material guides the material onto the separating drum. This rotates in the opposite direction to the material flow. The heavy contaminants bounce off the separating drum and fall past the material flow. The remaining material is carried along in the other direction by the rotary movement of the separating drum and is then transported onwards by a conveyor belt.

As a result of the impact, the contaminants fall down onto a discharge belt below the hard material separator or, alternatively, directly into a container.
The above-described mode of operation achieves an optimal separation result between fine grain and impurities.



  • high degree of elimination
  • good degree of separation
  • constant reliability and security
  • no exhaust air
  • low noise
  • good operation and maintenance options
  • low wear and maintenance costs
  • favorable acquisition and operating costs