Kinematic separator

With the kinematic separator from FHF HORSTMANN, bulk goods from a wide range of applications are converted into fractions heavy, lightweight and fine divided. The waste is fed to the specially equipped machine via a conveyor. In the classifier housing, the product falls onto an inclined, inclined plane, the sieve bottom. This divided, movable and perforated surface transports the material flow – depending on the specific weight and shape – up or down the level.

The heavy components of the bulk material, the heavy fraction, slide to the lower end of the sieve bottom. The light fraction – cardboard, paper and film – is transported to the higher end of the level by the movement of the sieve plates, supported by air flow. The third fraction is created with the help of the perforated level. The sieve units of this area are
easily exchangeable and determine the proportion of the fractions screened off with their geometry. By adjusting the incline of the machine, the proportion of the light and heavy fraction can be increased
the bulk material can be matched. Depending on the application, the classifier can be equipped with a manual or a fully automatic adjustment.

An efficiently working geared motor attached to the side outside the machine housing drives the sieve bottom crankshaft via a coupling and thus moves the sieve units offset to one another.

Material separation “on the fly”

The advantages of the kinematic separator from FHF HORSTMANN are obvious:

  • efficient separation into light, heavy and sieve fractions
  • 3 sizes, S, M, L
  • Air support as standard
  • low maintenance and durable
Type Sieve area (m²) Output (m³ / h) Drive power (kW) Number Sieve trays Fans
KS.S 9,2 70 5,5 4 2
KS.M 14.5 100 5,5 6 2
KS.L 19,2 130 2x 5,5 8 3