Roller Conveyor

Support roller conveyors from FHF HORSTMANN offer standardized or individual load carrier transport for (lattice) boxes, euro, industrial or one-way pallets. Depending on the application, FHF HORSTMANN offers two different versions of the idler conveyor.

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Idler roller conveyor “light” (up to 50 kg transport weight)

This conveyor has a roller diameter of 50/60 with a maximum load carrier weight of 50 kg. The elements are usually transported at a conveyor speed of 0.2 to 0.8 m / s. It is driven by a tangential chain with a double chain wheel. Depending on the application, flat belts, toothed belts,
or poly-V belts installed.

Idler roller conveyor “heavy” (up to 1200 kg transport weight)

For heavier transports, FHF offers this roller conveyor for standardized or individual load carrier transports
for (lattice) boxes, euro, industrial or one-way pallets up to max. 1200 kg guaranteed.

The roll diameter is 89 mm. It is driven by a double chain wheel and has a conveying speed of 0.3 m / s.

  • Double Toothed Belt / Toothed Belt,
  • Conveyor rollers with welded-in steel multiple sprocket, galvanized, axis d = 20mm
  • Division of roles 190.5 / 127 / 103.2 / according to design
  • Roller chain 5/8 “,
  • SEW gear drive 0.37 / 055 kW (according to design)
  • Transport level up to hmin. =90mm


  • Conveyed goods weights> 1200kg
  • v > 0,3 m/s
  • central pallet guide rollers
  • Pallet centering
  • Pallet stopper
  • Step plates between the support rollers
  • Fork clearance control
  • Contour control