Sieve Drum

The FHF HORSTMANN sieve drum separates the supplied material into different grain sizes. The size of the sieve drum and its perforations are determined by the different types of recyclable materials, separation sizes and throughput rates. The exchangeable sieve plates are designed with round or rectangular perforations and, depending on the type of waste, with or without anti-wrap protection.

A maximum of 4 sieve stages can be implemented. Mixers, accelerators, stoppers or bag rippers can optionally be screwed into the sieve drum body in order to influence the material to be sieved. The screen drum body has mechanically machined race rings. The wheels with vulcanized Tractothan bandages ensure the power transmission. The stable support structure made of profile steel is manufactured according to the requirements, as are all chutes and funnels.

Technical specifications

Drum diameter (mm) 1800, 2100, 2450, 2950
Overall lengths 6 – 14 m
Sieve stages Up to 4 (as required)
Screening length 4 – 12 m
Sieve plates Exchangeable, screwable
Screen perforation Size as required / round or square
Material of sieve plates S235 JRG, optional ASH 80 or Hardox
Impellers with vulcanized tractothane bandage
Pressure roller as an axial roller for precise drum guidance
Maintenance door on the overflow according to customer requirements, on the side or on the front
Cleaning flaps one-sided, for each row of sieves, max. 12 ea.
one-sided, for each row of sieves, max. on cleaning and maintenance doors according to the Machinery Directive.
drive Slip-on geared motor
Drive power as required
Design variants Sieve body round or polygon


  • Mixer
  • Accelerator
  • Stopper
  • Bag opener
  • Wrap protection on the sieve plates
  • Material inlet chute
  • Material discharge chute for the sieve overflow
  • Fine and medium grain chute
  • Support frame with catwalk and stair access