Turntables from FHF HORSTMANN

The turntable from FHF HORSTMANN offers a change of direction of rotation from 30 ° to 270 ° on the slewing ring. This stands on a stable substructure and offers protective equipment as well as the accommodation of idler and load chain conveyors.

Turntable up to 1.200 kg

  • Load pick-up by idler or chain conveyorDSC00011
  • angular delivery of the load carriers without changing the direction of travel
  • Turning speed v =0,05m/s
  • Ball slewing ring with revolving chain
  • Rotation angle 90-270°
  • Geardrive 0,55kW


  • Conveyed goods weights> 1200kg
  • adapted roll division for special pallets
Turning station