Container composting

Typ CK

With container composting plants, HORSTMANN offers a process for the professional composting of native-organic components from biological waste. The process optimizes and accelerates the individual phases of the rotting process. The process management is computer-aided and requires little personnel. The modular system design ensures annual capacities of 3,000 – 9,000 t / year.

Composting begins with biowaste processing. The pre-treated material is then filled into the rotting containers, then picked up by the roll-off tipper and connected to the aeration and deaeration system at the intensive rotting site.

The computer-guided rotting control system takes over the process management of the intensive rotting, which lasts approx. 14 days. Fresh air is fed to the rotting material in a fully automatically controlled manner according to the oxygen consumption, so that aerobic conditions prevail overall and everywhere. The exhaust air generated during the process is passed through a biofilter for deodorization and leaves the system freed from unpleasant odors. Accumulating process water is collected in a tank and fed back to the intensive retting process in a controlled manner.

The basic module achieves a throughput capacity of approx. 3,000 t / year of input. The installation of a basic module requires a paved area of approx. 300 m².

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