Accumulating roller conveyor


The accumulating roller conveyor from the HORSTMANN modular system is designed for longitudinal pallet transport. Matched to the max. pallet width, the load carriers are pneumatically supported, transported on idlers without accumulation pressure and with low noise.

A circulating roller chain according to ISO 606, guided on individual accumulation segments (segment length = accumulation length) provides for the propulsion of the pallets. These segments are raised or lowered pneumatically. By lifting the segments, the frictional connection to the pallet is established and the pallet is pulled by the roller chain. When the segment is lowered, the chain passes underneath the pallet base center plate with clearance – the frictional connection is interrupted. When the segment is lowered, the idlers for this section are braked simultaneously and the load carrier comes to a standstill.

Once the pallet in front has been removed, a chain reaction takes place, with the pallets taking up the space that has become free one after the other. The gearmotor, which is always engaged, is only subjected to the load of one pallet at a time when the transport section is reassigned (single run). HORSTMANN accumulating roller conveyors vary with 3 to 14 accumulating positions, the conveying is optopneumatically supported. The PLC only controls the pallet take-off or transfer position that becomes free and the drive that drops off according to time.

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