Chain belt conveyors

Typ PK

,HORSTMANN chain belt conveyors type PK are generally used for transporting light and heavy materials where it is necessary to convey material into a plant, i.e. with material feeding at ground level by a wheel loader, as a feeding conveyor for balers or also as a discharge conveyor of bunker systems.

Hundreds of applications have already been built with a great reliability and long life. In particular, these features particularly distinguish this conveyor. The chain belt conveyor is always specially designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

The basic framework is made of steel profiles with screwed cross sections. In conjunction with the rest of the sheet steel construction, this creates a very stable and torsion-resistant overall structure. Easily removable, bolted fairing panels allow for quick maintenance.

The screwable segments make it very easy to lengthen or shorten this conveyor.

The standard conveyor chain used is an M112 solid pin conveyor chain. During operation, this is supplied with oil via drip oilers, manually adjustable and central, on both sides of the conveyor. The bolted-on driver profiles are connected to the belt support profiles and thus ensure safe material transport even on large inclines.

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