Typ Mag

The HORSTMANN empty pallet magazine, in torsion-resistant frame construction, is suitable for stacking and separating empty Euro, industrial or half pallets. The storage / retrieval of the empty pallet stacks in the pallet magazine is carried out with a hand pallet truck or another industrial truck. An optional ram protection in front of the magazine protects the mechanics from damage.

The pallets are lifted electromechanically in the pallet shaft via a height-adjustable roller conveyor or a chain conveyor. The stack is then held in place by pneumatically swivelled-in pawls. The conveyor system lowers again so that a pallet can be dispensed or enter the stacking magazine.

All motion sequences are fully automatic and can be monitored by the PLC and visualized by signal lights if desired.

Standard capacity: 15 euro pallets

Delivery ca . 90 pallets /hour

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