Ribbon Sifter


HORSTMANN sheet classifiers are used to divide the material stream into light and heavy fractions. They are mainly used for RDF recovery in domestic and commercial waste treatment plants as well as in plants for the treatment of lightweight packaging.

Fractions such as films and paper, as well as other materials with low specific weights, are thus effectively separated from heavy materials contained in the material stream. The input material is guided past an air nozzle that blows light and airworthy material into a calming room. The light materials can settle here due to a lower air speed and be transported away via a conveyor belt. The incline of the air nozzle can be adjusted to vary the blow-out angle. In order to further optimize the degree of separation, a curved conveyor belt, the so-called arched belt, is arranged behind the air nozzle. The curved belt can be adjusted in 3 axes, so that other materials that can be assigned to the light fraction can be separated via this option.

All remaining heavy stock is transferred to a corresponding discharge belt in the lower section of the sheet sifter.

Since the sheet belt sifter works largely in recirculation mode, dust emissions are almost impossible. Air containing dust is separated via an automatically cleaning filter.

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