Transfer car


HORSTMANN transfer carriages are used for horizontal transport over long distances as well as right-angled transfer, of pallets or unit loads such as skeleton containers and totes within complex systems, e.g. in order picking areas or in warehouse pre-zones. A fully automatic operation takes place in interaction with loading and unloading stations.

The traversing carriage can be supplied in various designs – depending on the requirements of the material to be conveyed and the conveying capacity. The base frame can be designed in different variants, as a transfer car with one mounted load handling attachment or as a double transfer car with two mounted load handling attachments in sectional steel construction.

The chassis and base frame form a single unit. Two wheels are arranged on the sides of the base frame, mounted in pairs on one axle each. It is guided by means of horizontal side guide rollers on a running rail. Rail clearers and rail tongs are provided on all wheels. One axis is driven by means of a gearmotor. The speed is controlled if necessary, the drive is reversible and adapted to the special conditions.

The base frame can be equipped with a driven roller conveyor, a suspension chain conveyor or with a forked telescope as load handling device.

The carriage runs on two rails (profile A45 according to DIN 536 or profile S20 according to DIN 5901), which are laid on a steel substructure or on the concrete floor (with a minimum quality according to DIN 18202, part 5, line 3). Two buffers are mounted at each end of the track. Hazardous areas in the entire travel range of the trolley as well as at the transfer points require safeguarding. Protective grids are provided as a protective measure.

The traversing carriage with a load handling attachment is designed for a load of 1,200 kg and is designed for operation in temperature ranges from ±0 °C to +45 °C. Use in the deep-freeze range down to -35 °C is possible with the selection of suitable components and lubricants.

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