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HORSTMANN turntables are used for angular delivery of the conveyed goods without changing the running direction (longitudinal direction in connection with the driven idler roller conveyor RBA or transverse direction in connection with the carrier chain conveyor KF) of the pallets. By turning the conveyed material, the conveying direction of the pallets can be changed by up to 270°. The unit is used for horizontal conveying of pallets, wire mesh boxes or unit loads within complex systems, e.g. in picking areas and warehouse pre-zones.

The rotary table is designed for a total load of 1,200 kg and for a temperature range of ±0 °C to +45 °C. However, use in the deep-freeze range down to -35 °C is also possible.

It can be equipped with a carrier roller conveyor or with a carrier chain conveyor.

A frame welded from U-section steel with supports and height-adjustable feet is used to support a double ball slewing ring with a revolving chain. The assembled unit is moved around the center axis by an electric motor. This enables angular transfer of the conveyed goods to different roller conveyor sections. The drive is provided by an SEW gearmotor (other makes available on request).

Rotary tables can be equipped with the appropriate sensor technology (light barriers, initiators, etc. incl. stable and adjustable sensor holders).

A design for higher weights and special transport pallets is possible.

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